Classes are considered completed when we finish more than HALF of the session, if it begins to rain during class.


We are here to do the classes, sometimes even during the holidays. If you decide not to attend during holidays, or when we organize makeups, that's fine too. But classes will count, if we are doing it.

According to our availability, we will do our best, to schedule the makeup days for THE RAINY DAYS ONLY.

If you receive a text message for your makeup class, but you can't make it, YOU MUST text/call us back and let us know, so we can schedule someone else. 

If you do not text/call us back, we assume that you will be attending, therefore the class will count if we do the practice.

If we cannot organize the makeup days, we will push back the payment due date.

If you are sick and cannot make it to class, first - you must inform us, then - ONLY WITH MEDICAL PROVE – and after investigation we will schedule a makeup class, and that will be done only according to our availability.

If you are going out of town, if you are traveling, or not attending to classes for any other reasons then the ones mentioned above,

DO NOT EXPECT US TO DO THE MAKEUPS! We suggest you plan accordingly.

If we ever cancel a day of practice, we will inform you in advance, and we will schedule a makeup class accordingly.


Every participant enrolled in our program will be notified by the coach when the 10 /12 Classes Session is complete.

A text message will be sent to you as a reminder of your new payment, as we keep track of the attendance.

Because of the high demand, your spot will not be saved in the group unless the payment will be done by the due date.

If the payment is not completed, and you just show up at the courts without the payment being done, you will end up not being able to participate in the class.



Participants are not eligible for refunds unless program is canceled, player moves out of state, or serious injury prevents participation prior to start-up date. Special Event charges are not eligible for refunds.

No payments will be transferred and/or combined between family members registered.

No refund, and No credit will be available if the player cannot complete the attendance of their classes per session.

If the participant will start in the middle of the month, the classes will be tracked, and the payments will remain the same - IN FULL.