How about make-up days if the weather conditions doesn’t allow practice?

All tennis classes are held outdoors, so we are forced to modify our schedule when it rains.

Classes are considered completed when we finish more than 1/2 of the session if it begins to rain during class.

Makeups will be scheduled by the GSM Tennis Experience coaches only if the weather conditions

(rain, lightning, heavy wind, and thunderstorms) does not allow the tennis practice to be done.
Every participant must organize their own schedule and they are fully responsible
for their tennis classes' attendance for the duration of the entire session.

It’s up to the parents to decide when to bring the children for practice. If you will bring your child

in the middle of the month, the classes will be tracked, and the payments will be the same – IN FULL–

You will be notified by the coach when the session is complete, and a text message will be sent to you as a reminder of your child's new payment. Your child cannot participate in the tennis program unless payment has been completed before his/her first class attendance of the session.

If your child is sick for more than two weeks, and ONLY with the prove of medical documentation

– the payment will be adjusted accordingly.


Refund Policy:

Participants are not eligible for refunds unless program is canceled, player moves out of state, or serious injury prevents participation prior to start-up date.
Special Event charges are not eligible for refunds.

These charges include but are not limited to single day events and tournaments.
No payments will be transferred and/or combined between family members registered.