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About Us

The only authorized Tennis Program by the City of Margate, Florida to operate at the Firefighters Park (2500 Rock Island Rd., Margate 33063) is the Game Set Match Tennis Experience's Developmental Tennis Program for kids/youth and adults. Our fully insured and certified by PTR and USTA tennis instructors giving tennis lessons in order to learn or increase your level of play. GSM Tennis Experience is the fastest, funnest and the most enjoyable way to get the kids into tennis but not only. We will keep them healthy and happy by playing. Our focus is on PLAYING TO LEARN instead of learning to play through game based coaching. Our goal is to develop a positive environment not only for helping children to learn and have fun but also growing their confidence and more then anything it will make them desire to come back and keep playing.   


                                   PTR Member/Certified Tennis Instructor &                                               USTA Tournament Organizer.
Being part as a Certified Tennis Instructor of the largest global organization of tennis teachers and coaches PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY (PTR), Csilla wants to give back to the new generations of players the knowledge and the opportunities she always dreamed. 
Her passion and dedication for the game guided her to start a new career: in coaching. Csilla’s tennis career began at the age of 6 back in, Romania. Soon enough she made her way through the rankings and become #3 in Romania at 14 years old playing at the National Juniors U18. Csilla retired from playing because of a terrible knee injury which kept her away too long from the beautiful sport.

PETER CONSTANDACHE – PTR Member/Certified Tennis Instructor,                                                USTA Tournament Director.
Peter’s tennis experience started when he meet his wife Csilla back in Romania. He fell in love with the game and started practicing and playing once they both moved to Florida in 2006. Being a ex-soccer player/coach, Peter’s abilities in teaching and coaching children are absolutely tremendous. Today he is also part of PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY (PTR) – the largest global organization of tennis teachers and coaches and he is definitely enjoying working with youth 10 and Under as much as he does with ages 11-17 and Adults. His managerial skills are the keys of their successful concept of developmental tennis program. With his wife and partner Csilla, they have built a very professional team which can easily be seen in the job they’ve  done with their two children. Dedication and hard work, and making tennis fun and educational are their top priorities. 

WILLIAM D. MURRAY - PTR Member/Certified High Performance 

                                Professional Tennis Coach


We proudly announcing that we are honored to have in our team at Game Set Match Tennis Experience coach William D. Murray. Coach Bill, is the greatest living legend and is the most valuable asset to our team who oversees the local Junior Competitive Developmental Tennis Program at the GSM Tennis Experience.

 Coach Bill has been coaching youth tennis since coming to Delray Beach in the early 1970s to work for the city. Bill Murray, said that he wanted to get more African-American youths involved in the game. "I basically wanted to give kids more than the traditional sports other than basketball and football," he said. "I wanted to give them stuff like tennis, golf. Get them into it…"

Coach Bill Murray rattles off the names of legendary athletes who have visited or trained at Delray Beach tennis courts like Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, Williams’ sisters and many others.

Bill Murray, a very proud former coach of the Nationally Ranked and World Class Players to include: Venus and Serena Williams also, top player Brittney Williams, the 11-year-old niece of Venus and Serena Williams. He had children of former players in the program, such as 8-year-old De'ja Reed, Sophonie Gedeon, Deon Miller and many other top junior players.

Coach Bill been a certified USPTR pro for over 35 years, and holds the U.S. Professional Tennis Registry's highest ranking.

In addition to being a USTA clinician, Murray is also a clinician with the American Tennis Association. The USTA embraced the idea when Murray, along with others, were trained to be certified clinicians who would teach physical education instructors and coaches how to work with children and develop a standardized tennis curriculum.

“Bill Murray is always enthusiastic towards tennis!" said Dan Santorum, CEO of the USPTR. "He's been an asset to the sport and has helped our organization a great deal, especially in the development of minority and urban youth programs."

"He's always trying to better himself and stay abreast of the latest developments in the game!" said Julie Jilly, USPTR's vice president of operations. "Each year he attends our international symposium."

Coach Bill Murray is modest about his accomplishments and insists that the kids are what motivate him to continue seeking excellence.

Coach Bill Murray suggested that we have to work at the grass roots level and get more kids involved through school and local community programs. "I want to give the kids the best," he said.  "That's why I got certified and I try to stay abreast of the latest techniques and information. I have kids in college on tennis scholarships. Kids graduate and become doctors and lawyers, so I know that this is a good thing (for them)."

Coach Bill, also says: “The main reason I’ve got involved with GSM Tennis is that here in Margate it is such a great need and is a huge potential for this community to accomplish the dream of our future generation. GSM Tennis exist here to introduce the beautiful sport of tennis to all children of any age, at the grass roots (from beginners) to the higher advance level of play as I would call it: “ALL INCLUSIVE”, in one place the best training to these children. No matter of their level of the play, you have a suitable program as the kids are growing and developing. No need to go and look for a high standard academy, we have it all in one!” We look forward to a successful cooperation to grow more champions from this community and take their game to a higher standard, to work hard and dream big!

A very interesting radio talk show, on Blog Talk Radio, Perfect World Network Radio Chat with  coach Bill Murray!

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