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8 - 11 Years Old Orange Ball Group

(60 ft Court; 23”-25” Racket; 31.5”-36″ Net height)

Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday

Beginner – Advanced Beginners Level: Introduce your future star to the wonderful world of tennis. Kids will learn hand-eye-ball coordination, timing, ball striking skills and footwork.

GSM Tennis Experience being the only official & authorized tennis provider in this area as part of the "Net Generation", a new format which USTA implemented nationwide.       Progressive and exciting games and drills will stimulate and challenge your child – all while having FUN!

*Mentally, emotionally and socially, children of this age enjoy activity and have fun, learn visually, are able to concentrate for longer periods of time.  *They are interested and inspired by people they like and are able to understand the concept of winning and losing. *The key skills that need to be developed for 8-11 years old are:


* Basic strokes: Forehands and Backhands, Volleys, Serves and Overheads

* Playing points and Scoring * Court Terminology * Mini-Tennis/Match Play.


* Students must be able to rally from the baseline and serve with some success, yet needs improvement for match play * Positive stroke reinforcement and foot work drills are some of the tools used to get the player to the next level.


 *Advanced players sharpen their technical development, gain tactical and strategic advantages and hone their competitive instincts through situational drills, competitive match play and intensive physical training.

 These players are committed to the game, and want to compete in USTA tournaments.

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