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Game Set Match Tennis Experience in South Florida




Our Philosophy


   Game Set Match Tennis Programs for kids and adults is exists to introduce, teach, coach, motivate, educate, & inspire people with optimal levels of tennis performance and balance in life.

GSM Tennis in Margate, we are here to offer tennis lesssons for kids / adults  for all ages and skill levels.

GSM Tennis is driven to help transform lives and mindsets by teaching and coaching individuals of all ages and skill levels to reach their full potential on and off the tennis court. Now, tennis is fun to play by all ages and all skill levels because all is tailored to size and capability.

  Now Game Set Match Tennis Experience is part of the NET GENERATION, the new era of tennis.

 Get involved and Join the Net Generation family and take advantage of the benefits.


                            JOIN THE TEAM


Helping kids get in the game starts with people like you. Join a community of coaches, teachers, parents, and volunteers who are bringing their talents together to provide the best possible tennis experience on and off the court.

  Game Set Match Tennis Experience is the fastest, funnest and the most enjoyable way to get the kids into tennis, and not only that. We will keep them healthy and happy by playing. Our focus is on PLAYING TO LEARN instead of learning to play through game based coaching. Our goal is to develop a positive environment not only for helping children to learn and have fun but also growing their confidence and more then anything it will make them desire to come back and keep playing. We have a class for every child ages 5 – 18. Have your child learn tennis with the latest

USTA 10 and Under Tennis  Program.  Its an exciting new play format for learning tennis, design to bring children into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size. Here at GSM Tennis Experience, our certified tennis instructors will develop and implement a child-centered coaching environment in which we strongly believe is the key to maintain children’s interest in tennis.  

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