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                                                              11 - 14 Year Old Green Ball Group


( Full Size 78” Court ; 25”-26” Racket, and Standard Net Height – at the center 36″)

Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday


 *At this stage the ball requires some more competencies that were rarely used before. *On this court, the ball is harder and energy transferred into the ball (spin, height, pace) has more influence when it bounces. *Mentally, emotionally and socially, children of this age are able to concentrate for long periods of time, are increasing in self-confidence, are becoming more independent and able to decide for themselves if tennis is a sport for them. *Now they have a better sense of time and can set short term and midterm goals for themselves, have an understanding of responsibility, are able to make decisions, work things out for themselves and have more self-discipline. *The key skills that still need to be developed for 11-14 years old are:





* Agility, static and dynamic balance and complex body/eye coordination * Strength and core strength flexibility, especially as they grow linear and multi directional speed * Endurance

* Basic strokes: Forehands and Backhands, Volleys, Serves and Overheads

* Playing points and Scoring * Court Terminology * Mini-Tennis/Match Play.





* Students must be able to rally from the baseline and serve with more confidence, yet needs improvement for match play * Positive stroke reinforcement and foot work drills are some of the tools used to get the player to the next level.




 *Advanced players sharpen their technical development, gain tactical and strategic advantages and hone their competitive instincts through situational drills, competitive match play and intensive physical training. *These players are committed to the game, and want to compete in USTA tournaments.

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